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Our Story

Custom Pro Painting arrived on the scene in 1989. Hello, my name is Brian Miller. I am the owner and the core work force behind every completed paint job.

I got my start back in 1981 not to long after graduating high school. Although my intentions originally were not to paint for a living, I had later come to the realization that this profession was in my blood.

My father, I remember being told (who I lost at a very early age), was a real painter; one who tinted paints at the job scene before the technology we see today. Even today, interestingly, there are occasions where it is practical for me to tint something up and I carry a host of paint colorants as part of my arsenal. The tradition continues.

My mother remarried in time to a painter believe it or not. While I was still living at home, my step father introduced my oldest brother, who was 19 years my senior, to the painting business. Eventually I had come to the New Castle County Delaware area to live with my brother and help him with his business.

I believe my talents with preparations stems from the amount of repair work having to do time and time again in a city apartment complex in Wilmington. I actually have to say I never remember being trained. I took to this profession very quick and from the beginning I had a true knack for it and a paint brush truly belonged in my hands.

From those early years, I remember continuing to re-invent myself, trying new techniques, trying new products. Even years later, the drive for performance never has stopped and I have developed at this point a very professional, unique systematic approach to painting.

I hope at some point I can be the right fit for you and your home. We now paint in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Brian R. Miller