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Interior Painting

We provide a manicured look for your walls. Our unique process to produce smooth, even finishes and razor sharp lines gives a signature look that stands out above the budget quality painting serivces that flood the market today.

Staining and Urethaning

From stain matching to applying your favorite stain color, we provide smooth, consistent, even finishes every time.

Drywall Repair and Replacement

We use the right materials and techniques for un-detectible, seamless repairs. We feature a dust free solution for your drywall needs.

Cabinetry and Trim Conversions

Convert your stained cabinets and trim to PAINT! By utilizing special materials and techniques, our hand crafted brushed finishes give a durable, manicured look that presents an unmatched appeal not even a sprayer can duplicate. You'll be impressed by our samples.

Permanent Crack Repair

Exclusively developed by Custom Pro Painting and unique to our company. We stop cracks in their tracks and keep them from coming back. Samples available.
Painting & Staining Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania

Custom Design
you'll notice the difference

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New clients receive 10% off the total quote. Must be scheduled at the time of visit.

Custom Pro Painting - Delaware, Maryland, & Pennsylvania Painter

Unique Services

Quality, value, professionalism

Our clients love our thorough and unique approach. Our preparations, razor sharp lines, and the process we use to procure even finishes, produces a manicured and signature look that stands out above the competition.

Apples to apples, we challenge any competitor to match our quality with our pricing. We are proud to give reasonable prices for all that we offer. The end product we produce makes us, dollar for dollar the best value going.

  • Locally owned since 1989
  • Serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland

No up front payment

You don't pay until your completely satisfied with our service.

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