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Superior quality and professionalism

We offer superior quality and professionalism at every stage of the project. We strive to exceed your expectations. When it comes to making your house a home, Custom Pro Painting adheres to a high standard that sets us apart from most in the industry. While many of our competitors shy away from picky customers, we welcome them, no rather, we WANT them because they make great references! We know how to please.

Great eye for color

We have a great eye for color. We are pleased to offer FREE color matching assistance. We'll help to enhance the flow of modern colors for your interior project - a fantastic added value!

Thorough and unique approach

Our clients love our thorough and unique approach. Our preparations, razor sharp lines, and the process we use to procure even finishes, produces a manicured and signature look that stands out above the competition.

Reasonable prices with excellent value

We are proud to give reasonable prices for all that we offer. Although we probably are not the cheapest, the end product we produce makes us, dollar for dollar the best value going. And your friends, family, and neighbors will want to know "Who painted your house?!"... as they lightly stroke the finish.

Nothing to pay up front

Thank you for considering the services of Custom Pro Painting and please contact us for a free estimate. No up front payments are required. You don't pay until your completely satisfied with our work.

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