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Preparation Is The Key

Protection of your home

Preparations, or lack thereof, makes or breaks a paint job.

First and foremost is the necessity in the proper protection of flooring, carpeting, and furniture/cabinetry etc.

Custom Pro Painting sets itself apart in the way this is performed. Builders paper/rosin paper is laid out on all hard flooring surfaces and protective carpet film applied to all carpeted areas. Furniture and cabinetry protection is employed next using plastic sheeting.

Why go through so much thoroughness? Many painters use drop cloths which move and pull away from edges which at times leave exposed areas for potential spatter. And worse yet is the "couple of drop cloths here and there syndrome".

To be perfectly honest, when an area is correctly masked off, not only are you ensuring ultimate protection but it facilitates the ability to give our customers a more thorough and precise paint job. Lack of these preparations only encourage painting contractors to cut corners with surface preparations and the actual applying of the paint.

Surface Preparations

Of course, every paint job can vary according to the customers wants and needs when it comes to specifically prepping the ceilings, walls, and trim in any home. Also prices can vary depending on the extent of such preparations, but Custom Pro Painting can deliver a cost effective product with minimal preparations to a very high-end dazzling look. All according to our clients' budgets.

During the course of Custom Pro's history, experimentations have been employed to produce the most efficient and thorough preparation procedures which gives our finished product a signature look unique to our company.

Our efficiency and seriousness through this phase keeps the costs very reasonable. Apples to apples, we challenge any competitor to match our quality with our pricing.